Matratze ist wichtig
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Mattress is important

We know from experience that the buyer of the mattress assigns first-class weight to the width and length of the mattress, which is hardly surprising with the rest, but with the mummy cold they approach the issue of the thickness of the product.
"17 centimeters? 20, what's the difference? I will not jump from bed to head!" - probably thinks about what mattress to choose and unfortunately he will probably regret this nonchalance, because just like a mattress can not be too narrow or too short, so it can not be simply too flat. Mattresses whose thickness does not exceed 16 centimeters are deformed much faster (and if they are used for some time alone, without a bed frame or frame, this will occur at an alarming rate), which quickly cease to fulfill their functions stabilizing the body during rest and become simply uncomfortable. So let's check carefully how thick the mattress is, which we intend to buy and watch out for producers who conceal such information or provide it in the form of large intervals (this usually means that they have nothing to boast about) and discuss the pleasure of sleeping on flat mats weekend in a tent.

The choice of the mattress on which two people rest each day may actually seem a bit more complicated than the purchase for one user, because you need to take into account the parameters and individual rest (most often taken during sleep position, mobility etc.) of each partner, which are often extremely various. An example of many couples who tell bitter stories in cocktail parties about how one of them had a nightmare about an earthquake, while the other one just got to drink water, they can show that the best solution is to buy two different mattresses and inserting them into one frame. This is not a bad solution, but it seems to us ... not romantic. If you really want to share a bed with you and wonder what mattress to choose, just opt for a product made of high-quality foam and latex, because such mattresses superbly absorb the other person's body movements and have the power to adapt to your user, so that regardless of that what position one of the partners will take and how big it will be to put pressure on the mattress, it will not be felt in the other half of the bed in any way. However, when it comes to sharing a mattress, the spring products are very pale, which resonates easily with any vibrations.

MYTH 3 - HARD, SOFT, H2, H3 ...
This is one of the most popular myths, eagerly perpetuated by manufacturers and sellers pride of offering mattresses, whose hardness is determined in the invented by them the enigmatic scale "H2-H3-H4" - the first code means softer mattresses for people weighing up to 80 kg, the second bit harder, for users weighing more than 80 kg, and the third most powerful for holders with a body weight above 100 kg. Unfortunately, this type of classification - apart from the fact that it sounds wildly professional - is not very much reflected in reality, because the human race is happily not cast in three forms and each person has a different body structure, which makes it difficult to classify one group high and slim 65-kilogram woman and heavier than her 15 kg stocky, short man. So the best thing to do is wondering what mattress to choose for yourself, do not pay attention to the mermaid singing meaningless parameters, and focus on finding the most versatile product that has been designed and manufactured to be optimal and convenient for almost every user and thus for a real man with often non-standard dimensions. Such a versatile mattress absolutely does not mean a sell that can be summed up by folk wisdom: "if something is good for everything", the contrary - technologically advanced products created from a carefully selected marriage of synthetic materials each time match the body layout of the user (among others using the innovative "memory foam" material), not being tailored to any theoretical phantoms.

Another humbug, repeated by its creators with devotion is the theory about the saving effect on the quality of human sleep of so-called "hardness zones", which in practice simply mean that the surface of the mattress is not evenly covered with a combination of materials, and divided stayed on (most often seven) areas with different hardness - high or medium. The authors of this bizarre and complicated technology motivate their invention with the thesis that different parts of the body have different pressure on the surface of the mattress, so they require different materials. It's hard to disagree, but how much easier it is to use a mattress that adapts to you on a regular basis? We suggest a lot and that is why we suggest not to bend too much over such discoveries, which in practice pass the exam only in the case of a mummy, in which there is no risk of moving one part of the body to a mismatched zone during sleep.

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