Chieti Mattress Bio Foam Visco Latex Angelfoam


  • Hardness: H2 / H3
  • Height: 23 cm
  • Double-sided mattress
  • Removable cover


  • Angel bead foam 2 cm
  • Viscous foam 2 cm
  • Bio foam 14 cm
  • Latex 4 cm
VAT included
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Size Chart
Size Chart

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  • Then measure around the fullest part of your bust 2 , again keeping the tape horizontal.
  • To determine the size of pants, measure the girth of the waist 3 and hips 4
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S 10 6 36 33/34 25/26 35/36
M 12 8 38 35/36 27/28 37/38
L 12 8 38 35/36 27/28 37/38
XL 10 6 36 33/34 25/26 35/36

ANGELFOAM is a permanently elastic foam that is characterized by a high density and reduces the pressure on the entire surface. Effective moisture absorption and optimal air circulation guarantee unparalleled sleeping comfort. In addition, the angel foam is highly breathable and anti-allergic-antibacterial. This is how Engelschaum meets the highest requirements for modern mattress types.

THERMOPLASTIC FOAM - VISCO - a special foam that adapts to the body shape under the influence of temperature. It gives the spine a natural position and support. Perfect for people with back pain. Prevents pressure points. Highest quality for the most demanding customers.

BIO FOAM - The high content of vegetable oil from renewable raw materials makes Bio Foam an energy source for body, mind and soul. Energy foam is also characterized by its flexibility and dimensional stability. The structure of the open cells ensures both excellent air permeability and a breathable sleeping environment. That's why the Bio Foam mattress cores are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

LATEX - is characterized by high flexibility and excellent air permeability. They adapt to the shape of the body and provide comfort without permanently deforming and retaining their original shape. The structure of the latex allows the air to circulate freely and prevents sweating during sleep.

COVER - Anti-allergic, with a zipper that helps maintain hygiene. It protects against dirt entering the mattress, protects against the ingress of bacteria, fungi, mold and mites.

ECCO SERIES - a mattress line for people who value a quality product with the lowest price guarantee. Each mattress has a hypoallergenic cover that can be removed and washed. The production uses certified raw materials of the first class.


La housse matelassée est fabriquée à partir des matériaux hypoallergéniques de première qualité, ce qui vous permet de prolonger la durée de vie de votre matelas et de vous garantir une douceur et une fraîcheur exceptionnelles, ainsi qu’un confort et une satisfaction d’utilisation exceptionnels. La structure du matériau utilisé pour fabriquer la housse offre une ventilation adéquate et une circulation d'air adéquate dans le matelas.


  • Polyester: 100%
  • Propriétés: hypoallergénique, respirant, antidérapant, anti-salissure, extensible, bonne ventilation, lavable à 30 ° C


La couette d’Aloe Vera a des propriétés antiallergiques et antibactériennes. Il est constitué de fibres spéciales. En outre, il est trempé dans un extrait de feuilles d’aloès améliorant la circulation et respectueux de la peau. Il protège également contre le développement excessif des acariens. Et grâce à ses propriétés thermiques, il transmet parfaitement l'air. Parfait pour les intérieurs bien éclairés, car il absorbe les rayons UV.


  • Polyester: 100% avec addition d'extrait de feuille d'aloès
  • Properties: hypoallergenic, breathable, non-slip, dirt-repellent, stretchable, easy to ventilate, washable at 30 ° C


Cashmere cover made of best quality wool from cashmere goats. It is characterized by high durability and lightness, is very flexible and feels soft. It has high heat retention properties that ensure a high level of sleeping comfort.


  • Polyester: 60%
  • Viscose: 35%
  • Cashmere: 5%
  • Properties: hypoallergenic, breathable, non-slip, dirt-repellent, stretchy, good ventilation, washable at 30 ° C


In the Silvercare quilted cover, as the name implies, silver is woven in - so it absorbs more moisture. In addition, the addition of a silver thread in addition to the aesthetic properties shows antistatic properties (discharges electrostatically). Silver ions also have antibacterial properties - they kill mites. Composition: Polyester: 98% Silver ions: 2% Properties: hypoallergenic, breathable, non-slip, dirt-repellent, stretchy, good ventilation, washable at 30 ° C.


The bamboo cover material has interesting properties thanks to the woven bamboo fibers. It gives the tissue thermoregulatory properties and responds to body temperature. In addition, it has antibacterial properties that protect against the formation of unpleasant odors during sleep. Very durable, feels soft. The cover has a zipper so we can easily remove it and wash it at 30 degrees in the washing machine to ensure hygiene and sleeping comfort.


  • Polyester: 60%
  • Bamboo: 40%
  • Properties: hypoallergenic, breathable, non-slip, dirt-repellent, stretchy, good ventilation, washable at 30 ° C
VITO Piankowy visco lateks angelfoam bio foam
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H2 - mittelweich
H3 - mittelhart
23 cm
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