Entdecken Sie die Geheimnisse eines perfekten Schlafes und Wohlbefindens während des Tages! Wir beraten Sie, worauf Sie achten müssen, bevor Sie ein B
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Discover the secrets of a perfect night's sleep and well-being during the day! We advise you on what factors to look for before buying a bed with matt

It is widely known that the basis of a comfortable bed is a mattress. However, is the mattress itself decisive for a high quality of sleep? Absolutely not! The sleeping area is a composition of a suitable sleeping place, bed and mattress. How to choose all factors perfectly?

The bedroom is a place that should be associated with peace, positive emotions and silence. Care should be taken to ensure appropriate interior design and appropriate equipment. First of all, pay attention to the arrangement of the sleeping place. The colors of furniture, walls should reflect one consistent tone without very characteristic colors. Red or pink are great for fueling emotions, but they make it difficult to fall asleep. The ideal colors for the bedroom are: white, gray, shades of brown or black. Cool color tone with a coherent sound will have a soothing and calming effect. The second important factor when arranging a bedroom is proper darkening before sleeping. Make sure you have awnings or blinds for windows that limit daylight, and a bedside lamp with subdued light. Characteristic LEDs with intense light wake up the body, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Why tone and arrangement affect the quality of sleep?
Scientific research clearly shows that the characteristic colors and high intensity of light stimulate the body. Adding to this stress at work, difficult life situations, we have a recipe for high blood cortisol, or stress hormone. Before falling asleep, its concentration should be 50 mg. Unfortunately, but the expressive colors surrounding a person, stressful situations increase his concentration in the blood to a level four times higher. The presence of cortisol in the blood at such a high dose as 200 mg hinders the action of melatonin - a sleeping hormone. Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland under the influence of decreasing amount of light. The cornea captures light differences (darkness) and gives a signal to the pineal gland at night time. The presence of both hormones in the body causes a well-known situation. The person trying to fall asleep yawns, tears, but is overly excited and can not sleep. However, the situation is not only about the arrangement of the bedroom or stressful lifestyle. The poor quality of the bed and mattress can also cause nerves, stimulation and make it difficult to fall asleep.

We choose the right bed with the frame
A suitable children's or adult bed must have a suitable design. The entire bed grate should be stable, create an immovable monolith. Thanks to this, the person trying to fall asleep on the bed will not hear creaking, she will feel the rocking, which strongly annoy. Similarly, with the frame, which supports the mattress and body. The frame should be made of densely set cross beams with a wide surface. Thanks to this solution, the frame will perfectly support the user's mattress and body in every place. This feature means that the mattress will not collapse, will not create curves around the spine, and thus will have an ideal sleeping profile. An important issue is also the quality of the bed, which should withstand the hardships of operation. A structure made of solid beams will not collapse after 2 or 5 years of operation. The high quality of the materials from which the bed is made will ensure high sleeping comfort without creaking, rocking, sinking even for decades.

Only now we choose the mattress
A high-quality mattress completes the bed and the bedroom arrangement. It is only at this stage that we are considering whether to choose a mattress for sleeping with buckwheat, coconut fiber with antibacterial properties, or a foam, polyurethane mattress with excellent ventilation. For many mattresses, you can have a combination of all these characteristics.
How to choose a mattress? The mattress hardness is adjusted with age or weight. Young children need to sleep on medium-hard mattresses so that their spines form a perfectly even line - without falling into a soft model. People with fair dimensions should opt for harder models, and older people for soft ones.
For people suffering from high sweating, HR class foam mattresses with high body ventilation during sleep are recommended. A high-quality mattress with ventilation will lower body temperature, reduce humidity and make it easier to fall asleep.

The quality of sleeping mattresses often decides not only about the comfort of rest, but also about quick and trouble-free falling asleep and about uninterrupted and relaxing sleep. Well-chosen material, it does not irritate, does not stimulate, does not cause a large amount of cortisol in the blood and ideally works with sleeping melatonin.

The choice of a sleeping mattress is only part of the arrangement of the bedroom and bed. A healthy sleep should be taken care of just a few hours before sleeping by calming down, peace in the bedroom, a comfortable bed, and only then about the comfort of falling asleep on a perfectly matched mattress.

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